by Brom

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released August 11, 2017



all rights reserved


Brom Calgary, Alberta

Producer, musician and rapper, Brom, gives his take on hiphop.

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Track Name: I Saw a Ghost
Balled up and beat down
I know where I stand now
Called out the re-route
Seed took to salt ground
Falter to keep crowns
Past due they speak now
There word I wrote down
Follow then float out

Let go don’t hold doubt
Suit up and ship out
Hold true with each pound
Go till your shot down
I won’t come back now
Make use don’t allow
Push past the how. Clouds
And walk from the crowd

Called our for keeps now
Lost with no way out
Broken. Less teeth. Clowns.
Polish their speech, sound
Ensure your worth, bound
By numbers and rock crowds
Contain the curse pursed
Lip service but worse

Not far from the curb, swerve
Where problems occur, jerks
Line up for their thirst irks
It hurts, like compassion but worse
Well trash gathers fast
We just choke on our words
We deserve what we purge
Man it’s time that we learn
Watch it burn

Suffocating the statement
No breath
I move like I could make it
But hopeless
I'm through having to take it
How they said
Let make moves past basic
We pretend

I don’t know how I got here
Or where to go
Thirty paces back
I thought I saw a ghost
Relax, snapped back on track
They say I gotta go
I told you so
I heard, but froze

I don’t know should I laugh here?
Or hold the phone?
When threats nest, taking stress
We're taking water folks
At best don’t second guess
Either you do to don’t
Either your bridge or moat
Sent on a frozen rope

I now know why they bother
And why they don’t
Ten years prior, tie here
Got vertigo
Between lies and the liars
you packed for home
But you didn’t go
Follow through, don’t choke

Regards, reset on die here
I’m moving parts, gears make sparks
Tin man credible
Write it down on the flyer
Keep it legible
Kids susceptible
We undetectable

Suffocating the statement
No breath
I move like I could make it
But hopeless
I'm through having to take it
How they said
Let make moves past basic
We pretend

No loose ends
Track Name: Reptile
Blink twice, Set eyes
Roll dice, Don’t fight
Limbs lead, Brains tense
So tight, Just night
My breath, None left
But kite till knife
Wide Awake, Don’t mistake
This Lie, This

Rub eyes, Check dice
Burnt kite, Last night
Quit kid, Hide quick
This fight, They bite
Birthright, So fight
Fuck flight, Headlights
In the dust, Two sheets up
Snakebite polite

Outright ignite
Re-write despite
Excite my life
Brake lights
So bright
I feel alright
Despite the fright
You have to earn
The right
Entice dislike

Recognize define
The grey
The dotted line
Exercise, refine
It's time to say
Find the line
Then notify
Organize the time
Then blame yourself

Take it day by day
Then it turns to two
Brought it back a third
With a mirror for truth
Fourth times the charm
On the fifth broke tooth
Sixth I said I’m sorry
But you seem confused

Misused, more like misinformed
Sick blues continue
To break through, torn
They take you make you
While you hear that horn
That beckons “take two”
But it’s still blood born

Sink tries, Hope hides
My life, In stride
Hint scared, Beware
What finds the light
Ensnare, raised hair
On neck, combined
With fear so shear
I’ll deal with time

Think lies, Cheap ties
We all, Confide
Ringside seats fine
Till thoughts applied
Misguide, Your time
Outside, Low tide
Decide, Inside
The frame, Provide

Seaside, Seasick
I’m blurry eyed
Need something quick
To stop the why
Burn bats, Throw bricks
Through windows wide
It’s not your fault
But step in line
Track Name: The Birthday Effect
The silver linings gone gray
More weight
They say just keep on trying
I stay the same, sway
I still complain, paid
It’s not the same, hey
They close my airways
It’s not the same space
This ain’t no footrace
I found the pathway
Here they don’t say grace
Or phrase pray, prey
It’s more than just timing
To more than most man
I lost you at trying

Headway on the highway
Half baked
Tipped down to the valet
No way
Coin fed gotta obey
Spare change
Gave it blocks back
Otter with the smoke break
Gonna chance that
Putting up the poker face
After all the girls always got that ace
Just in case
You mistake
The current state
How we got here in the first place
Rattling the “bones”

They quake
Looking for some ground to break
Cave, Ache
Looking for some meds to take
Shake, Cake
Looking for some plague to trade
Tag, Gag
Man this shit is lemonade
Paint, Spray
Write it on the walls and make
Place, Chase
Feelings you just can’t convey
Blaze, Take
A moment from the maze today
Make, Way
To progress further from decay

Knowing you just can’t explain
Speech stays
Torsion, tight about half way
Death raised
The benefit of step back take
Chess game
Sometimes about the moves not made
Fresh phase
Opposite of whats displayed
Dog days
Gone before it even fades
Like a lead weight
Well played
Bear bait
Like an end date
Fair trade
Track Name: Rorschach
Same sickness
Gotta claw my way out
Lane switching
Don’t know focus, breathe, drought
Keep bitching
Like there is no weight, pout
Tag, victim
Try to play the game now

Cold rhythm
Delay the kick bounce
Own prison
Contain the kids, Klaus
Hold hits till the lips sieve
Chose this with your wits kid
Now the gates give

Test limits
Outta change the state, south
Not another way out
No pitching
Took the T-ball route
I shout, bailout
While you're running the mouth

Stay pigeon
I’m here then I'm oust
With wisdom
We build something else
Hold serum
Keep the Morbius out
Keep it all to yourself
Can’t contain the beast, doubt

Tame business
I ain't looking for help

Claim wishes
Melt the metal its smelt

Move mountains when you
Open your mouth

When the feelings are felt
Getting closer to veldt

Dealt new cards
Well you're setting the bar
Well scared fools spar
You can smoke your cigars
On the third card barred
Like you going far
I’ll be laughing
Sitting caffeine
Well you're lost in bazaars

bizarre move bard
keep on strumming guitar
It's an all cash bar
Hope you're ready to mar
Mark moves guard
Cut the fat then we charge
Not a map
Buy in large
We just go with our hearts

Cartoon flipped sprint
Yeah he's at it again
Road runner running roads
Jumping off the deep end
Speaking french, jump the fence
Making friends, with the dead
Second guess, bottle stress
I'm a mess, just a test

Casper flip stick
Mullen, martyr it kid
Hard to convince
Right in front
This is it
Lay it out
Just as is
Doesn't matter
Splatter rafters
Put your all into this
This is arson commit
Track Name: Drag The Lake
Found her out back
Bloody with the box cutter
Paddy whacked, snapped
Blood on tap
Found fodder
Till the dumpsters trashed
Must have went years back
Shame shamed till grasped
Straw burnt till ash

Can't keep my eyes open
Move into an R.E.M. state
Can't state the steaks often
Pushing for that long pave
Can't take the made spaced
Moving through their tame take
Skipping steps
jumping frames
Reel it back then
Write your name

Can't speak the words frozen
Move into a fugue daze
Prosthetic hearts pulling
All the same, make the change
Held it hard, hopeless
Go ahead, break a leg
Remain on guard
Play the cards
off the train

Make the mark, token
Place the coin within the space
Close them hard, open
Light camera, action fades
Into the dark and I mean stark
Guard that bite marked heart
beaten down
And Stripped for parts
Show your battle scars

Contained we barred, broken
Saddle up we join the ranks
Laugh real hard hoping
Follow up with torches thanks
Hold your take out
Drop let it feed the flame
Left for days now
Ashes left the to rearrange

It's funny you still sound the same

Found her out back
Bloody with the box cutter
Paddy whacked, snapped
Blood on tap
Found fodder
Till the dumpsters trashed
Must have went years back
Shame shamed till grasped
Straw burnt till ash

Space the sparse potent
Memory of why you stay
Words left held hoping
Bottle up they fade away
Into the space, we fray
With teeth, blades decay dismayed
Refrain speech held on
Like wait
I'll write it down
My mouth won't make

Lay the charge, blow it
Push, bang that acme take
Laugh real hard, hold it
Wanted for persistent pace
Not a factor of when or why you think you'll break
Call the bluff, guts
the difference is the pain won't shake

Remain on guard, notice
Lights, color, simple change
A common card hopeless
Bare your bones and make a name
Bury ghosts and sever saints
Trust your host
it's common place
Trusts tied to body bags
Held with bricks
Don’t drag the lake

No calling card, chosen
Dial 9 then wait, leave space
If the lines frozen
Call back on a different day
Note the times fine
Apologies for the wait
Please wipe your feet
Then follow me
Here right this way
Track Name: Belly of the Whale
So far the barge seems further
Fall cold, not short of murder
Not sure if contents turned her
Slurring speech remove the burnt earth
Not sure of measures, self-worth
Falls short of common words heard
A catalyst of rebirth
Manipulate find strength and in turn

Confirm, convert the blurred emerge
Your third not first concur, a word
Remove the taste till blank absurd
I'm calling rank just know your verse
My take can't trade or buy this nerd
Don’t break the bank to make it work
Heard money talks, must’ve been the birds
Lit up the block, just to watch concerned

I won't, keep watch
Move past the water
Till the bubbles pop
I spoke, keep taught
Rehearse the words
Till the movement stops
My ghost, you’ll spot
Remove the need
Till my chest gets crossed
Revoke, no loss
I’ll give it everything I got
I’m not

So scarred, please hold your worth first
I'm scared to die, weren't your words
You're tearing up, I'm closing shut
Not a sound or touch, It's like I'm giving up
Not sure of anything, nerves
My mind is vacant, made worse
Found just adjacent, not a common taste when
Every sense is blank, spent

Confirm, revert the worst I’ve heard
Your first not third reroute the curve
Remove the make, destroy the worth
I'm calling dibs, man I got here first
My take can't train or test this curse
Don’t snake the snake, just stay, observe
Your bird broke beak, must’ve missed the worm
Left at a loss, I’m stuck nursing burns
Track Name: Wave ft. Transit22
Calms breaks
Can he store this weight
Push till the break
Then food for the waves
Wave for the take
Twenty dollar display
They’re like fuck your dismay
Throwing buckets away

Chalk taste
Can you shoulder the blame
Push till it’s paste
Then we're hoping it stays
Stays till the wake
With a collared complaint
They're like no not today
Stash the rest in the bank

Dull days
I’ve been stuck in a gray
So change
The routine, the space
Your feeling away
So change this
Not feeling today
Re-arrange it

Scale it back, heart attack
But don’t break it
Short relapse
Can you blame him, just fake it
you knew but still played kid
Shark attack
While waiting in the waves shit

Long face
Like they took her away
Short chase
Like no not today
I’ll take the things that I may
Regardless of change
Regardless of weight
These things dissipate
And shoulders do break
And comfort goes “Hey!”
It’s not bad okay
At least the bones shake
Decisions get made
Bottle backed bad weight
When substance takes shape, made

Strong faith
Thought it couldn't no way
Crawl space
In the back of my brain
Explore the space
Without a score to base
Not a chore a case
for fame or for faith
The case displays
The dustless shapes
Kept clean away

If you hide it
It keeps tip
Don’t show any weakness
And keep this in sequence
Secrets so seamless
Often found speechless
I need this

Started back
Card intact
I’ll take it
Marvelled at
Marvels mapped
Contained kid
Marshall stacks
On attack
The frame fit
Engrave it
Cracker Jack
The same shit
Caddy shack
Kinda laughs
I hate this
Went years back
Go ape shit
Till tasteless
Third take
Can't focus today
Was placed in a state
I can't name
This place I’ve often found fake
But can’t seem to shake
There's nothing too late
But something
That weight
Sedate the means make
Me better first-rate
Locate dedicate
Mean the moves made
Positions estranged
A horse with a name
Were kids with cocaine

In some ways
It's better with pain
Still, plays like a loop
All the same
Much praise
To the things
They would say
Damn shame
We forget in a way

We're all too busy for brave
Lost in the lame
How we got here
The same
Tossed in the flag
Some kind of disgrace
Perspective, use pain
We're all just afraid
Track Name: Malaise
Indecisive, let’s get more descriptive
Hit the lights, hi, my names victim
Summer fights that don’t feel quite right
With myself in the dead of the night
Cause sleep seems new to me
My rest likes truancy
Contest I’m through with these
It’s left until I need

Bottle neck beliefs
With a bucket of beats, bleed
throttle till the lead
Chalk it up as a test, cheat
I’ll leave it on my chest
till you call an MD, preach
Mental manic mess
Keep on watching TV, sheep
Hypocrite, get vexed
Till you hate what you see, leave
Live with it, regret
Till you hate what is me, speak
Fail safe intent
Fill your lung with your breath, breathe
Never on the fence
Till your death, this is all free

Some days I just can’t see
Track Name: From Ashes
Between movements made
It is the constant
Not frames or shapes
It's on my conscience
Never made display
Too full of concept
No, not that way
You better stop quick
I’ve lost my way
You never got it
I’ll take this space
You just forgot sick
Emulate the taste
It's not the same, complaint
You dropped the ball, refrain
Careful how you speak my name

Continue through, stay true
Like what up north
I lost myself, a shell
Down by the seashore
Held it in my hands
Like whats this beat for
Knock twice then lights
There is no key for
Not fond of fake
I often don't partake
It's hard to stay awake
But I don’t sleep the same
Not a friend to change
I sit and dwell, deranged
My fear fuels the same
My motivations drained

Told me twice so I wouldn’t forget
Kept the dice yeah, no need to fret
Kept on ice, got time for one yet
Find my eyes, tying ropes 'round my neck
Kept the vice beside where I slept
Quick rewind, It was never neglect
Call collect, quick connect
Then blame, intersect
Come correct, disconnect
It gets better yet

Between clueless takes
Always a bomb threat
Again I’ve lost my way
No, come on stop it
You said that yesterday
Now wheres the progress
I lost the ball the same
How can I drop it
Your still here no way
Salt covered prophet
Wash your wounds away
The burns will soften
Criminal exchange
Straight out of pocket
It seems lossless
Push for profit

Continue through, stay true
Like what up corpse
Left in disbelief
Like wheres the damn door
I don’t understand
What am I here for?
Knock me out, contained
So I can “sleep” more
Continue through, fall to
Like I don't need doors
Breaking bones till bruised
And I’ll just push more
I don’t trust dead hands
Due to circumstance
Circumvent the chance
Looking for the death dance
Track Name: "It's Going to be Okay Right?"
Shake off last night
Let me continue
Stand up right
Walk from the rearview
Thought this can’t die
Ashes the flame flew
It feels alright
Then it gives from beneath you
Beseech you
It bothers, it beats you
Hands form to fists
Don’t know what this shit is
Called it coming to grips
While I watched it tear rip
From the fabric, I lived
Hoping something would give

And it did
But they didn’t
Held on to it like a cynic
Like a victim of indifference
Comically cataclysmic
And it's kismet
This isn’t
A cry for help or forgiveness
A try for tell, I'm all in this
But understand it none of your business

A lie to call a bluff
Only when they’re throats are cut
Don’t dare disrupt
Violent at the sign of blood
Count down from I'm giving up
thought me tough
It's not enough

Standby and hope for trust
Only when the lines are shut
Don’t care. Unjust.
Riot like you’ve had enough
Count down, I'm losing blood
I turn to luck, It's not enough

Banzai and hope it busts
Waiting at the sidelines rough
Entrust disgust
Like it's you and who you love
And that should be enough
Pick the pieces up
Just pick the pieces up

Let me catch myself
Dispel the truth
It’s coming through
I’m telling you
This ain’t brand new
There's several clues
Hopes removes
And then they moved
And took the mood
Then I'm at it again
Same place, different stance
Try to place the same hand
I still don't understand
Flags waved looked like hands
The cloth ripped on command
Blind betterment
Not that's the sentiment

Now get used to it
Cause they move to it
There's no truth to it
Too much chew to it

Teeth, you can find me grinding in my sleep
Sleep, won’t catch me counting still black sheep
Sheep, flock together hard to breathe
Breathe, opposite of what we need
Need. perceptive change the I to we
We didn’t know then turned to tragedy
No going back
No hope intact
Left in disbelief
The first to leave
A friend to me
Turned to memory
Olly oxen-free
To shaky knees
Pretend to be
Like this isn't meant to be
So detached from the task
I remember he
Approached grabbed and grasped
As a matter of fact
Explanation came fast
Won’t forget the day past
And the impact you had